Trump just took a break from golfing to level a childish insult at Omarosa [WATCH]

President Trump finally addressed the upcoming tell-all book by former Apprentice colleague and ex-White House staffer Omarosa Manigault and the controversial allegations she makes in it this morning when a reporter asked him if he felt “betrayed” — and Trump responded with the grace and tact that has become a defining characteristic of him as a leader and of his presidency as a whole.

Earlier this week, media outlets that received advance copies of her book and revealed that Omarosa alleged the president often used racial slurs behind the scenes of his Apprentice reality TV show, that once she had walked in on him “eating paper” at his desk in the Oval Office, that she had secretly recorded the President saying embarrassing things in the White House and that she questioned Trump’s mental stability.

All of which made for a very embarrassing couple of days for Trump, who is currently dealing with the trial of his former campaign manager and nursing his feud against the National Football League.

It’s pretty telling that this was the one question he decided to respond to, indicating that it is bothering him very deeply that his once close confidante has turned her back on him — and if we know Trump at all, which we sadly do at this point, his decision to address the allegations is a pretty strong indication that they are true and accurate.