February 2, 2023

Michael Avenatti just issued Sean Hannity a brilliant challenge he cannot ignore

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Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford’s ongoing battle with her former lover Don “the Con” Trump has become more than a mere nuisance for the embattled president.


Her eloquence and tenacity are mostly to thank for this story’s transition from tabloid clickbait to national scandal, but her excellent business sense has enabled her to assemble a legal team that makes Trump’s look like first-year law students.

Clifford’s primary representation and stone-cold fox Michael Avenatti has not shied away from the public spotlight, and his brazen #basta approach to Trump’s legion of evil has caught the attention of some of Trump’s most insidious defenders.

Avenatti shifted into high gear yesterday when he offered this challenge to loudmouth conservative host Sean Hannity:

Add your name to millions demanding Congress take action on the President’s crimes. IMPEACH TRUMP & PENCE!

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“We don’t agree on everything, but we are both street fighters @seanhannity,” the lawyer begins. “Let’s set a booking so I can come on the show to talk about the case and the issues in the case. No BS. Just a straight up discussion by two men,” he added, before thanking Hannity for his consideration.

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Hannity’s public persona has eroded at a rapid pace since he was implicated in the FBI raid on Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s affairs when it became public knowledge that he, too, was a client of Cohen’s. Hannity has spent the last few weeks on his Fox program reporting on ANYTHING but his or the president’s scandals, and one of his easiest targets is the woman that Fox will only refer to by her profession.

Hannity has experienced a dip in ratings in the last few weeks, almost consistently losing to late-night liberal rival on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, so Avenatti and the hush money case could be a huge boon for him. The network would benefit, too, considering the number of advertisers Laura Ingraham lost after she attacked activist David Hogg on Twitter.

Arguably, it would be more fun to reverse the cameras and see into the homes of Hannity’s loyal fans as Avenatti ripped him apart on their very own safe space, Fox News.

Hannity hasn’t responded yet, but that’s probably because he’s still to busy coming to terms with James Shaw Jr, the unarmed black man who disarmed yet another white Christian male domestic terrorist.

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Salvatore Nicholas

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