Arizona Republicans just pulled a sinister move to keep John McCain’s seat


Republicans are panicking in the face of the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. As the tide carrying the prophesied “blue wave” grows, Republicans are ramping up their efforts, state by state, in a desperate attempt to cling to their ill-won power.

Amid the comedic chaos which began Trump’s visit with French President Emmanuel Macron was a Republican attempt to preserve ailing Arizona Republican Senator John McCain’s seat should his battle with brain cancer prematurely vacate his seat.

The Associated Press indicates that the Republican measure would have allowed individuals appointed to open Senate seats to hold them for two full years if they take the seat within 150 days of a regularly scheduled primary election. In the case of Arizona, that cutoff date of March 31 has already passed.

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Arizona Democrats bravely blocked the measure which would have allowed Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey’s appointment to remain in his or her appointed seat until the 2020 elections, effectively damning up a major southwestern sector of the “blue wave.”

Democrats argued that the GOP lawmakers had introduced the proposal to minimize the risk of losing McCain’s seat if it went up for grabs in the midterm elections later this year. Republicans maintain that this measure was meant only to “clarify the language” of existing election laws.


You know, just in case the next multi-term Senator is stricken with a debilitating terminal illness in the midst of a tense midterm election. Glad Republicans tried to clear that up.

Current Arizona law maintains that McCain’s seat would be on the next general election ballot if he left the post by May 30, which is still more than a month away.

Good try, conservatives, and nice work, liberals, for halting this measure. May continued good policy guide you forward.

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