December 6, 2022

Trump’s narrative that FBI is out to get him just fell apart with new bombshell revelation

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In a stunning turn of events that all but eviscerates Trump and Republicans’ attempted smear campaign against the FBI, agent Peter Strzok – whom the GOP used as a scapegoat to claim pro-Clinton bias in the agency after text messages critical of Trump were exposed – was revealed today to have been instrumental in drafting a letter to notify Congress that it would be investigating newly discovered Clinton e-mails before the election.


The move, which came only days before the 2016 election, is widely believed to have been a major factor in Hillary’s defeat.

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Per CNN:

Strzok, who co-wrote what appears to be the first draft that formed the basis of the letter Comey sent to Congress, also supported reopening the Clinton investigation once the emails were discovered on disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s laptop, according to a source familiar with Strzok’s thinking. The day after Strzok sent his draft to his colleagues, Comey released the letter to Congress, reigniting the email controversy in the final days of the campaign.

Republicans have been quick to point to Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, both of whom were let go of the Mueller probe, as evidence that the agency was intent on subverting the Trump administration.

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Today’s developments all but destroy that narrative. In fact, Strzok was reportedly pursuing the investigation into Clinton’s e-mails “aggressively.”

On October 27, 2016, the agent drafted the “first cut” of the letter that would ultimately notify Congress of the FBI’s decision to reopen the Clinton investigation. After several edits to the draft, the letter was sent to Comey, who gave it to Congress the following day.

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Like every other “smoking gun” that the Republican Party has desperately peddled, this baseless accusations has also blown up in their faces. There is no anti-Trump bias, there is no “secret society,” and even the FBI came out against so blatantly politicized “Nunes memo.”

There is only a Republican Party complicit in a President’s treasonous actions against the United States. And despite Trump’s efforts to obstruct justice, those crimes will be exposed.

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Brian Tyler Cohen

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