March 30, 2023

Sources just revealed Trump asked the Deputy Attorney General to snitch on Mueller probe

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CNN just broke a bombshell story exposing the depraved lengths to which Presidon’t Trump will go to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation.

You can watch Jake Tapper reporting on it below this article. 

According to sources familiar with the meeting, deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a Trump appointee, went to the Oval Office in December to see if he would help him protect classified documents from House Intel chair Devin “Conflict of Interest” Nunes, who wanted to obtain insights into the investigation.

True to form, the Presidon’t had no intention of helping Rosenstein stop Nunes from protecting Trump.

Instead, Trump allegedly committed a felony by asking Rosenstein how he thought Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation was going and asking the deputy AG if he was on his “team.”

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According to CNN:

At the December meeting, the deputy attorney general appeared surprised by the President’s questions, the sources said. He demurred on the direction of the Russia investigation, which Rosenstein has ultimate authority over now that his boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has recused himself. And he responded awkwardly to the President’s ‘team’ request, the sources said.
‘Of course, we’re all on your team, Mr. President,’ Rosenstein told Trump, the sources said. It is not clear what Trump meant or how Rosenstein interpreted the comment.

His insistence on “loyalty” echoes the reason Trump fired former FBI director James Comey, when he refused to pay slavish devotion to the Presidon’t by calling of the investigation.

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In fact, it is Trump’s firing of Comey that forced Rosenstein to appoint the Special Prosecutor, whom Trump now wants to fire, in his efforts to become a full-fledged banana republic dictator.

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The revelation that Trump pressured Rossenstein is just one in a series of leaks pointing to a clear case of obstruction of justice, aided and abetted by the Republican Party.

If Trump is innocent of conspiracy with Russia, why is he trying so hard to derail the investigation?


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