September 23, 2023

TARGET: Chris Christie is the candidate Trump can’t handle, says former governor

TARGET: Chris Christie is the candidate Trump can't handle, says former governor

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is planning another presidential run — and the top contender isn’t going to like it.

Donald Trump does not want to face Chris Christie on the debate stage in the shared opinions of many who are familiar with the candidates and their tactics.

These include another former New Jersey Governor, Christine Todd Whitman, who has had her own struggles with Trump.

Whitman says that whatever Christie’s plan may be, Trump is going to fight to keep him from making it to the debate stage.

What’s more, she warns, he has the control of the Republican party necessary to do so, by hook or crook.

Trump has the ear of the RNC and can influence decisions about how they handle the debate programs.

Bear in mind that he’s already suggested he would skip debates entirely (despite his allies attacking the DNC for suggesting that there will be no primary debates held between President Joe Biden and his challengers).

Whitman said “Don’t forget, one thing Donald Trump absolutely commands is the interior political workings of the national committee and all those who the apparatus so he’s going to do everything he can to keep Chris Christie off the debate stage.”

That clip is below — but Whitman isn’t the only one who thinks that Christie could damage Trump in debates.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang weighed in with a similar view. He tweeted:

“People who want to see someone really go after Trump should be hoping Chris Christie makes the debate stage — he’s literally spent years gearing up for it and is comfortable in that mode and setting.”

What is Christie’s campaign saying? As he enters the race, targeting Trump is absolutely on the menu. From the Washington Post:

“’We’re at a place where we live in one of two worlds, either Trump is going to cruise to the nomination, or someone is going to step up and challenge him,’ said Russ Schriefer, who is advising the super PAC that has formed to support Christie’s bid. ‘You don’t beat a bully by necessarily being nice to the bully. You have to stand up to them; call them out for their lies; be very direct and blunt and get voters to realize that what he’s been selling isn’t true.’”

Trump himself has been highly critical of Christie as a candidate, calling him “sloppy” in social media posts, and saying that it’s necessary to put people like Christie “in their place.”

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