Bi-racial teen faces racist slurs and sexual harassment from deranged white woman in viral video

The decision to close mental hospitals in America was based on an essentially altruistic motive.

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The existing mental facilities before the 1980s had deteriorated into asylums of abuse that held patients against their wills in deplorable conditions. Unfortunately, the move to replace these failing institutions with community mental health care was thwarted by a lack of funding, and instead, America’s prisons became the defacto solution for those troubled souls whose brain chemistry had gone awry.

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Those people who would have formerly been committed to state institutions and who hadn’t had behavioral issues that landed them in jail often became homeless if they didn’t have supportive families to take care of them.

That leads us to the situation we find ourselves in today during the Trump era when aberrant behavior that may have previously landed one in a mental institution in the early part of the 20th century is displayed on a daily basis in social media posts.

One of the most painful examples of the consequences of America’s failure to address the issues of mental health was posted to Twitter recently and features a clearly disturbed woman shouting racist and sexually harassing comments at an underaged young teen of mixed race.

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Before you watch the videos below, you must be warned that the language that this unhinged woman uses is highly offensive and completely deplorable.

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Wow! One can only hope that this sick woman can get the help she so obviously needs while in prison, although, given that most prison systems have mostly abandoned their missions to rehabilitate inmates to remain primarily punitive institutions, it’s doubtful that she will.

Whatever her mental condition and the circumstances that led her to feel so comfortable spewing forth such hate and vitriol to a total stranger in a public place, you know that she did develop these racist attitudes in a vacuum.

Unless society returns to a place where public condemnation and social denunciation are the overwhelming reactions to people expressing their bigoted opinions, our nation will continue to spawn more people willing to speak and act like this.

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Consider this article as part of that public condemnation and social denunciation.

This is beyond mere “Karen”-ing. Some people have problems with socialization that run much deeper than simple entitlement and cluelessness. This country needs a new approach to mental illness and a renewed dedication to addressing the problem in a manner that helps prevent people like the woman in Asheville from reaching the state that she’s in.

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Original reporting by Karen Strikes Again.

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