Trump’s mean tweet and Bernie Sanders’ perfect response: “You’re going to lose”


The recent poll that shows Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) now in the lead in the Iowa Democratic caucuses has managed to cut through the avalanche of impeachment and Iran debacle worries that have so occupied Donald Trump’s mind of late.

Trump took time from his usual Twitter diet of attacks on the House Democratic leaders who engineered his impeachment referral to the Senate and bragging about his Iran war crime to express his amazement at the latest developments in the opposition party’s race to choose his eventual rival for the White House.

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Senator Sanders could have been insulted that the president didn’t even spend enough time composing his tweet to come up with a unique nickname to belittle him with, given that Trump had used the same “Crazy” appellation earlier in the day to describe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

McConnell admitted coordinating impeachment with Trump. Add your name to demand he recuse himself from the trial!

Instead, the leader of the Democratic Socialist faction of progressive Democrats simply replied to Trump’s seemingly rhetorical question as to the meaning of Sanders’ surge in the Iowa polls.


Insert rimshot here.

Hopefully, none of the president’s prospective Democratic opponents will have to even think about running against Donald Trump because he’ll be removed from office before the election begins in earnest.

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As the president advises, stay tuned!

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