February 1, 2023

Sally Yates just publicly humiliated toddler Trump for his wall tantrum

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Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates does not feel moved to post on Twitter very often, so when she does you know that it’s about something that is really important, and often disturbing, to her.


President Trump’s attempt to extort the funds to build his simplistic non-solution to America’s immigration system from American taxpayers rather than have Mexico pay for his impotent border wall as he promised during his campaign more than fulfilled the criteria to motivate the fired Justice Department leader to proclaim her outrage over the president’s behavior.

Yates is one of the many leading figures that Trump has either fired or forced out of senior roles in the department that oversees the administration of justice in this country, from former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to former FBI Director James Comey and his Deputy Director Andrew Mccabe to several FBI agents involved in the early stages of the Russian collusion investigation.

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The former Acting Attorney General who started her DOJ career in the Obama administration did not reveal anything that most of didn’t already know about Trump’s infantile insistence on getting his way in the border security dispute with Democrats.

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Like the majority of the population, Democratic leaders see the president’s idea as an expensive and ineffective waste of a massive amount of taxpayer dollars better spent on infrastructure and social services that actually benefit Americans rather than on a broken campaign promise rooted in mythical threats conjured up in political strategy meetings by fear-mongering Republican power brokers.

Sally Yates has now added her voice to an ever-increasing chorus of Americans who want Trump’s ill-tempered government shutdown to end with his capitulation and a realization that he must bend to the will of the majority of people who want Congress to allocate the limited funds left after the Republican billionaire tax giveaway for things that actually benefit the public rather than the president’s fever-dream fantasies of isolation.

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Meanwhile, as Yates so rightly points out, the country suffers.

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