John Kerry just landed epic dunk on Fox News host Greg Gutfeld for trying to defend Trump’s behavior

John Kerry, former presidential candidate, Senator, and Secretary of State during the Obama Administration, is a proud veteran, a status he maintains despite the phony attacks on his service record during his campaign against George W. Bush in 2004.

Those falsehoods about Kerry’s Navy career were spread in a political smear campaign by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group primarily funded by prominent Republican donors close to the Bush campaign. Despite the fact that the allegations made by the SBVT were roundly disproved by Navy service members who actually served with Kerry in Vietnam, the right-wing has never abandoned their antipathy towards the Democratic politician.

It was unsurprising, then, when after Kerry posted a critical tweet about President Trump’s disgraceful abandonment of his presidential duties in paying tribute to America’s fallen soldiers by skipping a visit to an American military cemetery in France during the centennial commemoration of the end of World War I, he was the subject of multiple hateful responses.

Even more unsurprising was the fact that the most hateful response came from a Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld, who channeled all of his Trumpian vitriol into his Twitter reply.

Luckily, Kerry saw Gutfeld’s insulting tweet and came up with an appropriately pithy and droll response to the Fox News talking head, a man who has never spent a day serving the nation in the military during his 54 years on this planet.

Touché, John Kerry, touché!

Perhaps the repugnant Trump apologist will think twice before insulting a highly decorated military veteran on the very day that our nation is meant to honor him and the many others like him. However, it’s much more likely that Gutfeld will continue to act like a complete fool both on Twitter and wherever else he happens to be at any given moment.

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