Ted Lieu just gave Trump the viral ass-kicking he deserves over caged children atrocity


As the controversy surrounding Trump’s concentration camps spirals more out of control, the Trump administration is desperate to rebrand the situation to blame the Democrats.

That tactic is failing, though, as Democratic leaders from around the country are actively traveling to various detention facilities in an effort to rescue migrant children from the inhumane conditions to which they have been subject by no fault of their own.

Trump’s only recourse is to further reframe the immigration conversation, inserting much harder verbiage into the zeitgeist: specifically, he and his peers have begun to swap the word “immigration” with “infestation,” likening the thousands of asylum-seeking immigrants to rodents taking over a home through a crack in its foundation.

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That he is insulting every former immigrant turned resident means little to Trump, so long as he can push his heinous agenda. But seeing as immigrants are far from an “infestation,” they’re fighting back.

California Democrat Ted Lieu has made quite a name for himself on Twitter, where the tech-savvy Congressperson has frequently out-done the Tweeter-in-Chief. On Tuesday, he did it again, speaking up for everyone who has ever “infested” the American border:

“Dear @realDonaldTrump: Like your grandfather, my parents infested America. As their son with yellow skin, I now get to vote against your harmful policies. And after you leave due to either losing reelection or impeachment, I will still be here reversing your shit. Cheers.”


Lieu has joined a chorus of Democrats who have stopped trying to play nice with a man using human children as political pawns to secure wasteful funding for a border wall. His use of the expletive to describe Trump’s regressive policies is a welcome turn from months of “going high” when Republicans “go low.”

Although Michelle Obama’s policy worked for a while, even she would agree that these kids don’t have time for the high road as they waste away in cages, crying out for their parents whom they may never see again.

It’s time we start speaking about this monstrous administration in proper terms because this political poker game that Republicans are playing with children is a practice we must end.

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