Trump Jr. just shared a racist Cinco de Mayo tweet and immediately paid the price


Donald Trump Jr. has learned his lessons in shamelessness from his father very well. What most people would disavow because of their values and morals, the eldest child of the president celebrates with impunity.

The latest example of this disturbing trend is Junior’s decision to retweet one of his alleged father’s most notorious and reprehensible tweets. (The “alleged” description of his paternity is due to the fact that until his birth certificate and a DNA test are publicly displayed no birther should believe the unverified claims, not because of a lack of circumstantial evidence of like father, like son.)

The occasion is the second anniversary of what Junior calls “the greatest tweet of all time,” Trump’s famous tweet turning Cinco De Mayo, a day normally treated as a celebration of Mexican-American culture, into another opportunity to enrich himself through the promotion of one of his properties.

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Not content with self-promotion, Trump had to add an outright lie to his tweet because it just wouldn’t be a Trump tweet without some kind of falsehood being included.


His claim of loving Hispanics has been disproved by nearly all of his actions since his inauguration, including the militarization of ICE, the border wall push, the treatment of the post-hurricane Puerto Rico, and many others.

Sure, Trump’s antipathy towards Hispanics is a mere subset of his overall misanthropy towards anyone who isn’t himself or a close family member. However, Hispanics do have a special place — alongside any non-white people or foreigners — in the president’s panoply of favorite targets.

The fact that Trump’s oldest son would point to this particular travesty of a tweet as worthy of being dredged up from the bowels of the ignominious past shows that perhaps intelligence, taste, and compassion are traits that are genetically transmitted after all, since the elder Trump was a notoriously absent father during his children’s privileged upbringing.

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Perhaps Junior should stay off of Twitter and study up to get his story straight for the grand jury that will inevitably be calling about that emoluments clause.

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