February 7, 2023

McDonald’s and cop just kicked out, made homeless man cry when he tried to eat meal (WATCH)

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A McDonald’s in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has made national headlines after calling the police on a homeless man who was eating a meal purchased for him by another patron, Yossi Gallo, who filmed the viral video (video below).


The police officer present claimed that they had received “multiple complaints” from customers alleging that the homeless man had asked them for money. As a result, the officer notified him that he was trespassing and would be banned thereafter from that establishment. But the man who purchased the meal, who was also sitting nearby, refuted the argument.

“I waved him down and said, ‘Hey, are you hungry?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ So, I went in there with him and as soon as we went inside, the lady at the register says ‘You’re not getting food,” Gallo explained. “He didn’t ask me for food. I saw him across the street and I brought him over here.”

Gallo’s excuse did nothing to moderate the disgusting treatment at the hands of the McDonald’s manager or the officer, who wouldn’t even let the homeless man enjoy his meal in peace without demanding identification and subjecting him to the humiliating treatment.

When Gallo called out their shameful behavior for what it was, he, too, was asked to leave. The officer even got into his face at one point, yelling, “I am the law!”

Gallo ultimately complied, exiting the establishment and calling the homeless man – who had also left at this point – over to offer him another meal at a different restaurant.

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The homeless man can clearly be seen and heard crying at this point.

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While America has been hijacked by a political party devoid of compassion, videos like this remind us that we are only as good as those who lead us. And that is due for a drastic change.

Watch the entire video below:

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