REVIVAL: Alex Jones returns to X (Twitter) in hard launch


Immediately upon the return of conspiracy-monger Alex Jones to X/Twitter, he lept into posting, joining live streams, and spreading conspiracy theories.

Jones is back on Elon Musk’s troubled social media platform, and he’s not taking his re-entry into social media slowly.

He jumped right in, appearing in a live interview with Mario Nawfal, an X/ Twitter influencer who is reportedly being investigated by the FBI and SEC. Jones immediately characterized himself as a hero in the war on “cancel culture,” and began sharing support from other folks who have claimed to be “victims” of the same.

His immediate support came from such folks as Laura Loomer, failed Florida political candidate and self-proclaimed journalist, who was previously booted off social media for Islamophobic tweets; and Andrew Tate, who is facing prosecution for sex trafficking and rape.

Jones announced in his interview that he plans to “put a lot of content out,” and complained that people will try to “twist” his words to make the things he says look bad.

(You must recall that he was originally booted from the platform after attacking the families who lost children in the Sandy Hook mass murder, calling them crisis actors and claiming the school shooting was a false flag.)

His first step on rejoining Twitter was to retweet Andrew Tate, who stands accused of forming a sex-trafficking network, holding women hostage, and forcing them into sex acts to be posted on social media. Tate tweeted (and Jones reposted):

“To show respect to Alex Jones for his triumphant return and to show respect to Elon being a hero – tell a globalist to get f***ed today…Were [sic] so back.”

Laura Loomer jumped in with her support as well, announcing that she was the first to tell Jones he had been reinstated, and calling on Elon Musk to help the unbanned conspiracy theorist figure out how to access his account. Jones reportedly said he wasn’t sure if he even had access to the same email address anymore.

His first live appearance was on a broadcast with Mario Nawfal (rhymes with awful). Nawfal is being investigated by the FBI and SEC for alleged embezzlement and tax dodge schemes, according to The Messenger.

Jones talked about his belief that some shadowy government figure may have tried to poison Donald Trump during his presidency and that this unnamed entity will probably try to kill Jones, Musk, and other right-wing extremists as well.

He also claimed that the “deep state” was pursuing him for exposing corruption and compared Trump to John F. Kennedy, declaring that the government would prevent the former president from taking office again by either poisoning him or blowing up his plane.

That interview can be heard below.

Jones’s return to X/Twittter is unlikely to help Elon Musk convince advertisers that his platform is safe to run their ads on without being juxtaposed with offensive, extreme right-wing posts such as those of Alex Jones.

Stephanie Bazzle

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