THREAT: Two of Trump’s WH advisors vow to “come after” media if he’s re-elected

Media haters

If Donald Trump is re-elected, two individuals who served as advisors to him in the White House say that the plan is to use the CIA and government power to “come after” folks they see as enemies. That includes the imagined “deep state,” the media, and anyone they see as an enemy of Trump.

Insiders from Trump’s term as President have said that if he gets another chance at power, he’ll abuse it at unprecedented levels. He’ll pack his Administration with sycophants who, like him, are out for vengeance, former Defense Secretary Mark Esper warned just this week.

Now Kash Patel and Steve Bannon are assuring their followers that this is exactly the plan. Patel appeared on Bannon’s podcast, where they talked about his plan to be appointed as head of the CIA, and to use federal law enforcement to prosecute the “conspirators” who have worked against Trump. Patel said (clip below):

“We will follow the facts and the law and go to courts of law and correct these justices and lawyers who have been prosecuting these cases…We will go out and find the conspirators, not just in government but in the media….We’re gonna come after you…We’re putting you on notice. Steve this is why they hate us. This is why we’re tyrannical.  This is why we’re dictators.”

Patel also said that Team Trump plans to install “all America patriots” in every position, including law enforcement, intel, the Department of Defense, and the CIA.

That’s right in line with the promises of the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, a plan to pack the government with right-wing extremists who will support a plan to rain vengeance on the Obamas, the Bidens, the Clintons, Letitia James, Jack Smith, Merrick Garland, and so many more.

The warnings aren’t just coming from pundits and analysts — they’re in direct promises Trump and his inner circle are making.

Watch below as Bannon and Patel lay out the plan to wreak vengeance on the media and other enemies of Donald Trump.

You can also see Esper warn of what Trump will do in a second term.

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