PROSECUTION: Trump’s fake electors INDICTED in Nevada


Six individuals who falsely signed and filed documents claiming to be the official electors from the state of Nevada have been indicted, Attorney General Aaron Ford has announced. This makes the third state — following Georgia and Michigan — to press charges, out of the seven states where false electors filed similar documentation.

As in Michigan, only the false electors are charged at this time in the Nevada indictment — not Donald Trump or any of his legal team, or others who may have facilitated the scheme. All six are current or former Republican party officials on the state or country level.

Attorney General Ford released a public statement, acknowledging the risk of “allow[ing] attacks on democracy to go unchallenged,” and reiterating his promise to protect against efforts to undermine American election.

“When the efforts to undermine faith in our democracy began after the 2020 election, I made it clear that I would do everything in my power to defend the institutions of our nation and our state…We cannot allow attacks on democracy to go unchallenged. Today’s indictments are the product of a long and thorough investigation, and as we pursue this prosecution, I am confident that our judicial system will see justice done,” Ford said.

The false electors from Nevada are State Republican Party Chair, Michael J. McDonald; former vice chairman James DeGraffenreid; current vice chair Durward James Hindle III Clark County Republican Party Chair Jesse Law; and both Shawn Meehan and Eileen Rice, Douglas County Republican Pary Board Members, according to the AZ Mirror.

Two of these false electors, Michael J. McDonald and Jim DeGraffenreid, have already received immunity in the Federal probe of election interference in return for their cooperation with the investigation and their testimony, according to the Washington Post.

However, that does not prevent charges at the state level, and it remains to be seen whether they — as several false electors in Georgia did — will seek a plea deal from the state or whether the state will offer them one.

This comes on the same day ten false electors in Wisconsin settled a civil suit, and also agreed to testify as necessary in related criminal probes.

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Stephanie Bazzle

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