FACE-OFF: Donald Trump lashes out at Liz Cheney as she spills on 2020 election

Trump Cheney

The latest media appearances by Liz Cheney have really riled up Donald Trump.

Former Congresswoman Cheney has written a book that covers how she opposed Trump at the end of his presidency, as he turned to a full-fledged effort to stay in office regardless of the election outcome.

Now, as she makes appearances on news shows to promote the contents of the book and to tell more of what she saw while Trump was in office, the former president is raging.

This week, Cheney appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show (clips below), where she talked about listening in on a Republican call discussing plans for January 6th, and about concerns with Trump’s influence over House Republicans.

In a separate interview with Nicolle Wallace, she said that Trump has normalized using threats of political violence to sway elections and that he was angry when the Pentagon warned military members against participating in efforts to overturn the election.

Furthermore, Cheney is so concerned about the possibility of another Trump term in the White House that she’s saying she’ll run for president herself if that’s what it takes to keep him from power.

While Trump may not have read the book, some of her media appearances and the stories Cheney is telling are clearly making it to him. He’s been expressing his frustration with her through social media posts attacking the former Representative.

On Tuesday he lashed out again, calling her a “threat to democracy” and accusing her of destroying evidence from the January 6th Committee — a tale he keeps telling despite there being no indication that an iota of evidence was destroyed. He said:

“Crazy Liz Cheney, who may be responsible for destroying the evidence from the J6 Unselect Committee, making all cases, past and present, highly questionable, AT BEST, is suffering from a massive case of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME…Her unhinged statements are becoming a THREAT TO DEMOCRACY!”

Trump doesn’t specify which of Cheney’s statements he deems “unhinged,” but he’s made it clear that he’s not happy with anyone who runs against him or considers doing so.

He’s also leveled attacks at others who have spilled on his plotting, or on military-related matters (such as when General Mark Milley shared that he had to assure Chinese officials there was no sneak attack planned).

Below, see Cheney share what she heard on a January 4th phone call.

Here, Cheney talks about Trump’s hold on Congressional Republicans, particularly the House Speaker.

Cheney says that her party now accepts threats of violence as a means to political ends. In the same interview, she discussed the Pentagon’s warning to troops, and Trump’s anger.

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