FABULIST: George Santos movie is in the works


Former Congressman George Santos (R-NY) had a short run in politics, but his tenure was one of the most dramatic and controversial in recent history — and for a candidate who arose after Vermin Supreme, Deez Nuts, and even Donald Trump, that’s a high bar.

Now that he’s out of Congress, there’s a movie coming that documents his rise and fall.

It’s based on a book by Mark Chiusano, documenting the former Congressman’s campaign and time in office, titled, The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos. HBO has obtained the rights to turn the text into a movie.

As 90s kids will recall, “Liar, Liar” was already taken.

There’s plenty to tell about Santos, from his claiming to be Jewish and then defending himself by claiming he was actually saying “Jew-ish,” to the alleged theft of checks belonging to an individual his mother was caring for, to false claims about his mother and 9/11, all the way forward to his indictment on a list of charges and his ouster from Congress. Variety reports:

“The film is described as a ‘forensic and darkly comic look’ at the unprecedented congressional race in Long Island, NY, that led to Santos being elected to Congress.”

Chiusano lauded the upcoming adaptation on social media, praising the team that’s handling the adaptation — Frank Rich, who was an executive producer behind VEEP and Succession, and Mike Makowsky of Bad Education. His book’s official publication description reads:

“From humble years spent in Brazil, to glamorous nights on the west side of Manhattan, to the stunning small-time scams employed to ease his slippery climb up the American society ladder, The Fabulist tells a story you’ll have to read for yourself to believe…and even then, it’s George Santos, so who’s to say for sure.”

At this point, there’s no projected release date or publicly-released timeline, so there’s still plenty of time to work Santos’ post-ousting revenge tour into the script as well.

Meanwhile, Santos is turning to other modes of income. Since leaving Congress, he’s joined Cameo, a network that allows customers to purchase messages from public figures. The Daily Beast reports:

“The indicted ex-lawmaker, who last week became just the sixth person in American history to be expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives, is now apparently prepared to send fans a personalized video for $150 a pop—making him a slightly more affordable entry in Cameo’s political commentators category than Sarah Palin ($199), but pricier than Roger Stone ($100).”

One other element that’s still yet to be announced: who in Hollywood will play George Santos?

Let’s hope that SNL’s Bowen Yang — who has hilariously parodied Santos on the long-running late-night comedy series — is high up un the list of actors being considered.

Stephanie Bazzle

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