BACKLASH: MAGA GOP denounces Speaker Johnson after budget compromise

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson’s fellow Republicans are not happy that the new House Speaker chose to advance a continuing resolution to keep the government open.

Johnson has only been in the seat of House Speaker for three short weeks, following the ouster of his predecessor Kevin McCarthy. Still, he’s already finding out that it’s a rather hot seat.

Speaker Johnson decided to utilize a suspension of the rules — in other words, to shortcut through the floor debate and amendment process — and pass a continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown.

It’s exactly the same move that McCarthy made that spurred Matt Gaetz to call for his removal last month.

This time it’s Chip Roy who may make the first move to recall a Speaker.

He’s already called out Johnson on the House Floor and said that he has two strikes against him as Speaker already.

If Johnson moves on aid to Ukraine or fails to satisfy the right with action on the southern border, Roy would consider that the third strike.

On the House floor, he also said (clip below):

“I am sick and tired of it! I didn’t come here to have the Speaker of the House assume the position and in 17 days pass a continuing resolution on the floor of this House!”

Roy deemed the decision to suspend the rules to be one strike, and the decision to pass a bill without the spending cuts Republicans wanted to be another, according to CNN‘s Manu Raju.

Roy had previously said he would fight to prevent the CR from passing.

As for Gaetz, he said earlier this week that he opposed the resolution and would vote against it, but added that he has “confidence in” Speaker Johnson and that he sees a “fundamental difference” between the new Speaker and McCarthy. He tweeted:

“McCarthy had SEVEN MONTHS to pass single-subject spending bills. Johnson has only had a few weeks. Let’s see what he does with more time under his belt.”

It’s not clear how many Republicans would support another motion to recall a Speaker, though the drawn-out infighting that took place before they settled on Johnson suggests there’s still a shortage of party unity.

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