FELONY FAKER: Trump campaign denies ex-president illegally purchased firearm

“I want to buy one,” indicted former president Donald Trump can be seen declaring as he is shown a Glock at a campaign stop.

Was it truly an illegal firearm purchase by someone under felony charges — or was it an act put on for Second Amendment enthusiasts?

According to Donald Trump’s campaign, the man facing 91 felony charges was just faking it for clout.

At a campaign stop at a gun shop in South Carolina, Trump asked about the “highest-quality gun,” and was shown a Glock. He immediately declared, “I want to buy one.”

There’s a small problem with that though. There are laws defining the circumstances under which an individual may not purchase a firearm, and Trump, at the moment, falls into one of those categories. According to the ATF:

“A person who is under indictment or information for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year cannot lawfully ship, transport, or receive a firearm or ammunition. Such persons may continue to lawfully possess firearms and ammunition obtained prior to the indictment or information, but cannot do so once the conviction becomes final.”

Now, similar to the crime Hunter Biden was charged with earlier this month — lying about drug use when purchasing a firearm — this law is a little controversial, and there have been efforts to overturn it.

Last year, in fact, a Texas judge declared it unconstitutional, according to ABC.

That ruling, though, is not final and is being appealed — and unless and until it becomes settled — the law says that Trump broke the law when (or if, since his campaign is now denying it) he made that purchase.

It is not yet clear whether law enforcement at any level is investigating to determine whether the purchase was carried out.

The allegation is especially ironic since Trump has been beating his chest loudly for months about a similar allegation against the president’s son, for an act of purchase his own voters believe should not be illegal (except, of course, when a Democrat or the son of a Democrat does it).

You can watch the much-indicted former president at his campaign stop below, asking to purchase the firearm in question.

Meanwhile ask yourself, would you trust a man who doesn’t know that World War II already happened to carry a gun?

Stephanie Bazzle

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