UNITING NATIONS: Biden demonstrates global leadership with powerful UN speech

United States President Joe Biden reminded the world of the stakes of the Russian-Ukrainian war if the world gets tired or bored with the conflict, allowing it to stretch on.

Biden commanded the room at the General Assembly of the United Nations by saying:

“If we allow Ukraine to be carved up, is the independence of any nation secure? I respectfully suggest the answer is no! We have to stand up to this naked aggression today and deter other would-be aggressors tomorrow,”

Biden’s speech made one wish that every MAGA politician and Fox viewer would watch his focused speech and experience his words’ clarity, passion, and power.

At times energetic and angry, at times solemn and sad, Biden was simply at his best, making the country proud again.

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He pointed a finger right at Trump’s friend, Vladimir, saying:

“Russia alone bears the responsibility for this war! Russia alone has the power to end this war immediately. And it is Russia alone that stands in the way of peace.”

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And then Biden committed American support:

“That’s why the United States, together with our allies and partners around the world, will continue to stand with the brave peopel of Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity and their freedom.”

This was Biden’s annual speech to the U.N. and it appears that Biden is frustrated with the organization. The U.N. has not organized nations to provide weapons, providing only humanitarian relief.

“For the second year in a row, this gathering – dedicated to peaceful resolution of conflicts – is darkened by the shadow of war. An illegal war of conquest brought without provocation against its neighbor Ukraine.”

But the president didn’t confine his attack on democracy to Russia’s illegal war on Ukraine, he talked about the importance of democracy around the world.

“We will defend democracy: our best tool to meet the challenges that we face around the world. We’re working to show how democracy can deliver in ways that matter to people’s lives!”

He then expounded about U.S. projects around the world to help with infrastructure, food, and other relief around the world.

As he finished, the President encouraged, perhaps demanded is a better word, for the U.N. to do more.

“We also recognize that to meet new challenges of our decades-old institutions and approaches, they must be updated to keep pace with the world. We have to bring in more leadership and capability that exists everywhere, especially from regions that have not always been fully included. … We have to make sure we’re delivering for people everywhere. … That starts with the United Nations – starts right here.”

The support was palpable, especially at the end.

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