KUSHY: In which Jared has a nice chat with Special Counsel Jack Smith

KUSHY: In which Jared has a nice chat with Special Counsel Jack Smith

Jared Kushner gave testimony to a grand jury over the last several weeks in connection with the attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Donald Trump’s preferred son-in-law was just one of several witnesses called by Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith to appear at a federal courthouse in Washington last month.

The New York Times reported Thursday that Kushner and the others were asked if they could ever recall Trump admitting he had lost the election to Joe Biden.

Kushner testified that it was “his impression” that Trump truly believed the 2020 election “was stolen.”

That’s not exactly the same thing as telling the grand jury about Trump’s rants regarding his loss or his many attempts to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. But it’s possible Kushner has given up more damaging info.

It’s also possible Jared has been deliberately obfuscating Smith, sharing the bare minimum of what he knows as an act of self-preservation.

Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, believes Jared has been quietly working with the DOJ all along to make sure he and his wife, Princess Sparkleface, are spared any prosecution.

Cohen told CNN that SlenderJared wouldn’t have been asked to testify unless DOJ investigators felt confident he could help them establish Trump’s corrupt intent.

“Why would Jack Smith bring Jared Kushner to the table unless you already knew what Jared is going to say,” Cohen said rhetorically.

“There is no way that Jack Smith brought Jared in there to impeach, you know, the information, or the testimony that he has. That is just not how the grand jury system works.”

At the same time, another Trump staffer may be guilty of perjuring himself after testifying in the Special Counsel’s probe regarding the classified documents found at Mar-A-Lago.

Smith sent a target letter to the employee, who has not yet been named publicly, which officially put them on notice that they are facing the prospect of an indictment.

ABC News contacted the staffer, who only replied: “It’s none of your business.”

Oh, but it is, Tiny Trumpy Traitor. And I bet they know it. So many indictments still to come! SO MANY.

The finding out part is Twitter’s favorite part.


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