September 26, 2023

QRAZY: MTG avoiding calls from Freedom Caucus after being expelled

QRAZY: MTG avoiding calls from Freedom Caucus after being expelled

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is taking the ostrich approach regarding her expulsion from the House GOP Freedom Caucus (HFC) late last month by pretending it didn’t happen.

Axios reported Friday that Greene is ducking calls from Freedom Caucus members to receive her official notification of expulsion.

There was an “overwhelming vote” by both the board and the general membership to kick her out. It’s the first time the HFC has removed a member since it was first established in 2015.

Aw, how embarrassing for you, Marjorie Manson! Pretending something you don’t like isn’t happening doesn’t make it go away, as we all know.

A group board member said that Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry (R-PA) “unsuccessfully tried to reach out” to the Stubborn-As-A-Mule Marge “both before and after a vote was held to remove her.”

Perry wanted to discuss Marge’s co-workers’ collective complaints about her crazy catfight with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), among other unhinged displays.

“She was unresponsive and resisted and refused efforts to meet with or talk with Chairman Perry,” the Freedom Caucus board member told Axios. “And so the vote was held without that conversation being held.”

The final shot is a chef’s kiss of conservative shade. “This was a notification, not a negotiation,” the board member said.

There’s zero wiggle room for any spin on this story, which is possibly why Empty Gee is letting all her calls go straight to voicemail.

As someone who’s tried to get a response from Marjorie over the last three years, I empathize.

Greene is like every other MAGA snowflake, talking the big talk in public but being a full-on coward for real.

I’ve floated the idea that Empty Gee doesn’t want to admit she’s out with the Worst of the Whitest Kid U Don’t Want to Know because Daddy Donny won’t like it.

MTG can’t be TFG’s VP without HFC, so she’s SOL now.

And she knows it, LOL.

In the short term, expect Marjorie to play the MAGA Martyr card and claim she’s being attacked for her loyalty to Trump or something.

That loyalty will NEVER be rewarded, and eventually, Marge will lose standing and power in the House.

Anything that makes her more vulnerable to being next on Jack Smith’s indictments list is fine by me and mine.

Twitter was delighted to watch more leopards eating each other’s faces, as usual.


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