SHIPWRECKED: Marianne Williamson’s entire South Carolina campaign team quits

SHIPWRECKED: Marianne Williamson's entire South Carolina campaign team quits

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson just announced the hiring of her third campaign manager in five months and immediately lost six members of her staff.

Aside from her campaign firing two national field directors and a member of the New Hampshire commune team, the entire South Carolina staff for Williamson’s campaign also resigned.

All three of them.

Williamson’s track record of failing spectacularly in previous years to even make a real dent in the national political scene hasn’t stopped her from making another grift go of it for 2024.

Perhaps it’s a pattern of Mar’s because she’s been accused in the past of not prioritizing properly when it comes to her so-called presidential candidacy.

“She didn’t listen to anything that was said,” a former Williamson staffer told Politico. “Clearly, because the people who expressed frustration were fired.”

Despite her Earth Mother persona, Williamson is considered a manipulative motherf@#ker. Playing the victim is straight out of the Trump Narcissism Playbook, Mar.

Williamson told staffers that she felt “ambushed” and “attacked” by her own team. You know, the team focused on real life, not crystals and retweets.

Other former staffers have said Marianne spends far too much time getting into Twitter beefs and Facebook fights instead of focusing on getting her name on the ballot in the key primary states.

Can confirm, as the kids say. (story continues below)

Sure I don’t, Marianne.

Williamson might as well signal the Mothership to beam her back up now that she’s losing campaign staffers and supporters like prayer beads slipping through her fingers.

Reports indicate she has less than $1 million in her campaign coffers but SHOCKER OF ALL SHOCKERS, “Might As Well Be MAGA” Marianne has a new book coming out this summer.

I hope it ends up in a Hobby Lobby 90% off bin right next to Kari Lake’s DOA doorstop.

Smart Twitter was telling it like it is about Mothership Marianne.


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