INDICTMAS: Even more charges for Trump could come in August

INDICTMAS: Even more charges for Trump could come in August

Donald Trump’s federal trial could begin as soon as this August, according to new reports on Tuesday.

However, some legal experts are already predicting a delay while Trump tries to find a real lawyer to represent him.

Trump has at least two other trials on his 2024 calendar already, but we know he won’t be repped by John Eastman, who was in court on Tuesday regarding his disbarment in relation to helping stage a coup on January 6th.

Maybe Lionel Hutz is available?

Because while all of this is going on, Fulton County (GA) District Attorney Fani Willis is said to be preparing to announce her own “imminent” Trump indictments before Labor Day.

Several “fake electors” who colluded with Trump to overturn election results in Georgia in 2020 have already cooperated with DA Willis in exchange for immunity.

DA Willis had already alerted law enforcement officials that she would announce whether anyone will face charges between July 11th and September 1st.

She also requested that judges limit in-person court dates in August between the 7th and the 14th, so that’s something to keep in mind.

How many indictments does a person need to be charged with before the people who support them stop supporting them?

Follow-up rhetorical question: How many other cases against him does he have to lose?

While the MAGA sheeple remain complicit and compliant, let’s recap the reality of Trump’s legal woes here on Earth One:

Aside from the pending trial in the DOJ’s federal case against him, Trump will first face a rematch in January 2024 in New York City with writer E. Jean Carroll in her second defamation suit against him.

Once that’s done, Trump might as well remain in Manhattan for his May 2024 trial, where he’ll face the 34 felony counts in DA Alvin Bragg’s criminal case.

That’s really going to cut into any potential campaigning time for Donny 71 Indictments.

Maybe the FEC should change the rules about who’s allowed to run for public office if their rap sheet is longer than their stupid red tie.


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