September 23, 2023

UNTRUSTED: Writer’s prediction about Trump lawyer comes true

UNTRUSTED: Writer's prediction about Trump lawyer comes true

Donald Trump has a long history of not paying people who have done work for him, from contractors to household staff to his own legal team.

So it made sense for yours truly to tweet Thursday night about Trump’s lawyer, Jim Trusty, never getting paid after he made a somnambulistic appearance on CNN.

Trusty, who has a history of badly representing Trump, tried to sugarcoat the seven new federal indictments Trump will be arraigned for on Tuesday, but the subtext was all over his face.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins really didn’t have to do much to turn Jim Trusty into Job Bluth right in front of a global viewing audience.

Yes, Jim, you’ve made a huge mistake sticking with Trump this long.

So I said what I said.




Am I a political pre-Cog?

Mayhaps I am,

Dear Reader, just search through any of my tweets from 2015 and 2016 to get a taste of the truth that made Trump block me and never unblock me.

Anyway, the statement from Trusty and Rowley makes it clear they’re hightailing it as far away from Trump as possible from now on.

Story continues below:

In retaliation, Trump (who probably hasn’t slept in months) took to Truth Social to mangle manage the latest MAGA mutiny as the Trumptanic continues to take on water.

Story continues below the horrible one’ssocial media post:


Trump had better get on that “firm to be named later” because as I was putting this together, another legal bombshell hit the Mar-a-Lago Madman.

Walt Nauta, Donny Drive-Thru’s so-called “Diet Coke Valet,” is also being indicted.

It’s hilarious how Trump can’t stop telling on himself.

Story continues below the criminal’s revelation of his indicted co-conspirator:


Trump-to-English translation:

“If I post nice things about Walt, maybe he won’t tell the feds everything he knows.”

Yes, aside from making political predictions, I also understand how to decode a narcissist.

Unpopular take to end on: I don’t believe Trump will ever spend a day in jail.

I’ve often said he’ll live out the rest of his miserable existence in courtrooms, so think of him already living in a prison of his own making.

One with ketchup-stained walls, muhahahaha.


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