CAUGHT: New video shows Boebert didn’t “protest” debt ceiling vote after all

CAUGHT: New video shows Boebert didn't "protest" debt ceiling vote after all

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) claimed she didn’t cast a vote to prevent the country from going into default as a protest against President Joe Biden’s debt ceiling deal.

Bobo had tweeted from her home in Colorado on Saturday that she had protested the Friday vote.

“I was ticked off that they wouldn’t let me do my job,” lies Lauren while wearing a super-dignified backward hat.

“So I didn’t take the vote.”

Except that’s not how it went.

A new video shared on Sunday by an associate producer at CNN shows that Boebert actually missed the vote entirely.

And it was because she was literally running too late.

CNN‘s Morgan Rimmer tweeted the footage of the imminent grandma-to-be clomping up the Capitol steps in a hasty attempt to cast her vote against the deal.

Rimmer can be heard calling out to Bobo that the vote was already closed.

Boebert responds like a teenager running late for her final exam or else she won’t get to graduate. “They closed it?” she says breathlessly, then keeps running.

Lying Lauren’s intention was to vote “nay” all along instead of not voting.

Rimmer’s proof is a literal “started/going” meme of why “#LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb” trends on Twitter on the regular.w

“Call it a protest…”

Except there are receipts, Lying Lauren!

Does it matter that the soon-to-be Anti-Gay Divorcee lied? I mean, to the people who are still fine with the Bad Mom representing them in Congress.

After all, Squeaky protected her abusive ex instead of her son when the poor kid called 911 in tears to report he was being thrown around by his father.

Among all the things we can say about Ted Cruz’s “close friend,” there’s that whole fixation on Nancy Pelosi that’s never been investigated to my personal satisfaction.

Plus, there’s also that hot goss about Squeaky and Sean Feucht, aka the “Ramen Shaman.”

The speculation as to why Bobo might have been hauling it instead of already being on the House floor was running rampant on Twitter.

And I helped!



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