September 23, 2023

SUCK-UP: Trump congratulates “Kim Jung Un” for joining World Health Org

SUCK-UP: Trump congratulates "Kim Jung Un" for joining World Health Org

Twitter users and Republicans alike were slamming Donald Trump on Saturday for a misdirected and misspelled missive to a militant murderer.

Trump took to Truth Social to dash off another online love letter to his overseas amour, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, after his country was granted admission to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Terrible Twosome famously “fell in love” while corresponding during Trump’s tenure trashing the White House, so it’s not surprising to see the support from the seditious suck-up.

However, if you’re going to send your love in a letter, maybe use your Spell-Check, Captain Stollen Covfefe.

“Congratulations to Kim Jung Un!” Trump typo’d on Truth Social.

Trump loves the poorly educated because they make him feel smart

Maybe Trump was too distracted from all of his legal problems to pay attention to something as simple as spelling while simping for Satan.

Meanwhile, the move by the WHO and of itself is troubling. One of the world’s most horrific regimes will now have a say in global healthcare amid all of their human rights violations.

Donny Death Jones doesn’t see it that way, of course.

Ironically, it’s also been rumored that like Trump, Kim Jong-un is in poor health, so maybe his new hookup at the WHO can find him a specialist.

A South Korean lawmaker called Kim “obese and suffering from severe insomnia and alcohol addiction” last week.

It’s a toxic tale as old as time. Call it Beastie and the Beast.

All jokes aside, the normalization of North Korea is the latest in a troubling trend. Russia took charge of the United Nations Security Council in April, while Iran is chairing the UN Human Rights Council 2023 Social Forum.

What could possibly go wrong except a lot of very bad things?

For now, the latest Trump typo will serve as extra fodder for anyone to use against him, and that includes those who used to openly support him.

“Kim Jong Un starves his own people,” tweeted former South Carolina governor and Trump’s former UN ambassador, Nikki “I’m Still Running For President, You Know” Haley.

“It’s a total farce that North Korea has a leading role at the World Health Organization.”

You know things are bad if you find yourself agreeing with Nimrata-Never-Going-to-Be-President.

Georgia Governor Brian KKKemp delivered his criticism along with a MAGA talking point in an anti-Trump twofer.

“Taking our country back from Joe Biden does not start with congratulating North Korea’s murderous dictator,” Kemp tweeted.

See, just stick with that second thing and we’re good, Big Bad Bri.

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan nails it pretty well here. Although Trump’s “usefulness” is still disputable, he’s definitely an idiot.


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