September 23, 2023

UNETHICAL: Paxton impeachment trial set as resurfaced quote points to 2020 voter fraud

UNETHICAL: Paxton impeachment trial set as resurfaced quote points to 2020 voter fraud

The Texas Senate has already set a date for controversial Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial.

Paxton will remain suspended from office while awaiting the August 28th trial where he’s set to face the 20 Articles of Impeachment filed against him which include alleged bribery and abuse of public trust.

If KKKen’s is found guilty — which seems likely — he’ll be permanently removed from office.

Meanwhile, his accomplice/wife, Republican state Sen. Angela Paxton, has yet to publicly comment on KKKen’s impeachment or announce whether she’ll recuse herself from proceedings.

In case it’s not abundantly clear, she absolutely should.

KKKen was allgededly involved in a LOT of 2020 election fraud, and it’s easy enough to believe Angela was aware.

A helpful reminder of this was being recirculated on Tuesday so people could keep kicking KKKen while he’s down.

In 2021, Paxton admitted that if it wasn’t for him, Trump would’ve lost the state of Texas to Joe Biden. I’m not sure why he wasn’t removed from office after this happened, but I can guess.

Appearing on former Trump adviser/future potential cellmate Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast two years ago this week, Paxton yelled the quiet part out loud:

“If we’d lost Harris County—Trump won by 620,000 votes in Texas. Harris County mail-in ballots that they wanted to send out were 2.5 million, those were all illegal and we were able to stop every one of them.”

I guess it wasn’t loud enough for the DOJ to hear at the time, but maybe they can tack it on to the 20 other reasons he’s being impeached.

Trump’s continued support of KKKen — who would most likely try to do the same exact thing in 2024 for the twice-impeached two-time Popular Vote loser — is also creating more fractures within the GOP.

While Trump has attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbott for not speaking up for KKKen, it’s only strengthened Abbott’s bond with his Florida counterpart, Ron DeSantis.

Trump’s tendency to back loyal losers isn’t going to serve him well in this case and may drive some MAGA loyalists to the other Floriduh Man instead.

We’ll see how long Trump keeps it up for KKKen. In the meantime, here’s Paxton kkkonfessing to his criming, in case Texas State Democrats need more evidence.

The Twitter Court of Public Opinion has already convicted soon-to-be convict KKKen.



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