ICKY: Tapper set to host anti-trans Haley at CNN’s next live Town Hall

ICKY: Tapper set to host anti-trans Haley at CNN’s next live Town Hall

CNN announced its next live Town Hall with former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley on Wednesday morning soon after Haley made anti-trans comments at a political event.

Jake Tapper will moderate the live broadcast with Haley on June 4th despite the drubbing CNN deservedly drew after airing Donald Trump’s Town Hall the day after he was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation.

Maybe Tapper will be able to tap into why Hateful Haley feels she has to use the cheapest cuts of red meat to get votes.

Haley was in New Hampshire on Wednesday to speak at Politics and Eggs, a longtime local breakfast speaker series attended by a mixed political crowd.

The Opportunistic Con Artist Formerly Known As Nimarata clearly thought she was addressing a MAGA-only audience when she delivered a DOA “joke” about transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

But like all other transphobic bandwagon-jumping Republicans, Hateful Haley isn’t funny and her remarks fell as flat as a warm beer.

“Everybody know about Dylan Mulvaney? Bud Light?” Haley asked the crowd, according to tweets from writer David Weigel.

Instead of reading the roomful of crickets, Haley awkwardly kept to her script and forced the follow-up:

“That is a guy, dressed as a girl, making fun of women.”

There’s a reason New Hampshire is called the Granite State, Dear Readers.

Haley got the stoniest silent response from that particular Breakfast Club.

It’s a line she’s trotted out elsewhere in the state, to similar non-results. Leaked audio shared by Jezebel caught Nasty Nikki trying the same stale shite in New Bedford, New Hampshire.

Calling the existence of trans women in sports “the women’s rights issue of our time” at a town hall, Haley really tried to pin all the world’s ills on the TikTok phenom:

“Have any of you all seen Dylan Mulvaney? You know who that is? On the beer cans? Let me tell you something. I know that there are transgender people out there—that is not a transgender person.

That is a guy dressing up like a girl, making fun of women. We don’t act like that. Yet companies are glorifying him. And then we’re supposed to tell our girls, ‘Be strong and be confident?’ What are we doing?”

Republicans don’t act like that? Pretty sure they do, Icky Nikki. You all just find ways to justify it.

Like all other non-MAGA communities, transgender Americans aren’t here to be a collective punchline scapegoat for anyone.

All allies need to speak out and shut out those who won’t shut up.

Twitter already knows what Nikki won’t admit just yet: she’ll never be President of the United States.

And they were also letting CNN know they won’t be watching her hatefomercial, either.


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