CLEAN: After years of MAGA smears, Ethics Committee clears Eric Swalwell

CLEAN: After years of MAGA smears, Ethics Committee clears Eric Swalwell

The House Ethics Committee has quietly ended its two-year investigation of an alleged inappropriate relationship between Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and a suspected Chinese spy.

The Committee sent a letter to Rep. Swalwell on Monday notifying him that it will take “no further action” after their probe into his private life resulted in a giant nothing-burger.

The Ethics investigation, which began in April 2021, focused on allegations that Swalwell may have violated House Rules in connection with his interactions with Christine Fang.

Fang was said to be involved in fundraising operations for Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign and helped place an intern in his office amid unsubstantiated rumors of an inappropriate romance.

Swalwell has always maintained their relationship was strictly professional and cut all ties with Fang once he was notified about her status by the FBI.

The Committee’s letter clears Swalwell but adds this unironic caveat:

“The Committee has previously reviewed allegations of improper influence by foreign agents and in doing so, cautioned that Members should be conscious of the possibility that foreign governments may attempt to secure improper influence through gifts and other interactions.”

That’s pretty rich, considering the majority of the Supreme Court is owned by Federalist Society billionaires like gifter/grifter Harlan Crow who have paid for their entire lives.

As ever, my Dem Crush Eric Swalwell took the highest road in response to the Committee’s decision to drop this drama already.

“Nearly 10 years ago I assisted the FBI in their counterintelligence investigation of a campaign volunteer,” Rep Swalwell’s statement reads in part.

“The case and my assistance were briefed to Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and two years later, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan re-appointed me to the House Intelligence Committee.

Neither Speaker questioned my actions nor politicized my cooperation. Despite the FBI repeatedly saying I was nothing but helpful and never accused of wrongdoing, this complaint was filed by a House Republican.”

MAGA Mean Girls like Marjorie and Bobo have tried to drag Swalwell with tweets about “Fang Fang,” but now we have the receipts to shut them down and move on.

“If the intent in bringing this complaint and leveling false smears was to silence me that is not going to happen,” said Swoony Swalwell. “I will continue to be a voice on behalf of my constituents and a passionate defender of democracy.”


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