MILKED: Nunes failed lawsuit appeal against CNN is an udder disaster

MILKED: Nunes failed lawsuit appeal against CNN is an udder disaster

A federal appeals court in Florida has thrown out a March lawsuit filed by lawyers for Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes after they failed to respond to court notices.

A former GOP California congressman, Nunes sued CNN in March over comments made by host Jake Tapper during a segment about MAGA conspiracies regarding the attack on Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, at their San Francisco home last October.

The judge who dismissed the initial complaint in March said Tapper’s comments weren’t directed at Truth Social or the “work” Nunes was doing.

Loser Nunes immediately appealed, but I guess he was so busy failing at Truth Social that he forgot all about his hurt snowflake fee-fee’s for a lukewarm minute.

His attorneys failed to respond to notices from the appellate court, leading to the appeal being tossed this week.

Nunes really should be used to all of the losing by now.

The litigious longhorn has filed ELEVEN lawsuits over the past four years against media organizations and people — including the “Devin Cow” Twitter account — he claims have “defamed or conspired” to harm his “reputation.”

Calf, please.

Tapper had taken the Trumpers to task for joking and lying about the horrific hammer attack perpetrated on Pelosi by the mentally ill David DePape in October 2022.

Paul Pelosi almost died and is still recovering from the attack. The Speaker Emerita’s cautious language around his prognosis has indicated her husband really won’t ever be the same.

“What is wrong with these people?” Tapper fumed. “Words fail.”

While naming and shaming the shameless for their MAGA memes and smears, Tapper specifically herded the lawsuit-happy Nunes for his cow-ardice.

Nunes had shared a meme on Truth Social using a Photoshopped poster for the gay romantic comedy “Bros” replaced with images of Paul Pelosi along with the man who tried to bash Pelosi’s head with a hammer.

“Former Republican congressman, and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, who now runs Trump’s social media company, Truth Social, shared [a Halloween meme], with the words, “At least this guy has his clothes on.”

That post and others are still live on Truth Social as evidence.

But Devin Nunes tried to sue Jake Tapper anyway for *checks notes* “five sets of statements made in an Oct. 31 show and claimed they were defamatory.”

All Tapper did was use the bovine bully’s own words against him, the judge noted.

“Nunes merely alleges he suffered harm in Florida because he works there,” Judge Susan Bucklew wrote. “But, Tapper’s commentary was not directed at the business of Truth Social or Nunes’ work with the company.”

Best line: “Nunes’ ties to Florida do not matter.”

Most of his bullshit frivolous lawsuits have either been dismissed or dropped, as Twitter was more than happy to point out on Tuesday.


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