DOGWALKED: Ex-mistress claims Trump followed her around “like a puppy”

DOGWALKED: Ex-mistress claims Trump followed her around "like a puppy"

A former Playboy model who was paid $150,000 to remain silent about her 10-month affair with Donald Trump early his marriage to Melania is now speaking out.

Karen McDougal, who was also named in the Manhattan DA’s case against Trump, told the Daily Mail exclusively that they were “in love” even though Trump had barely been married to Melania for two years at the time.

McDougal ended up dumping Trump for Bruce Willis in 2006, but she says she wasn’t the “disgruntled woman,” as she’s been portrayed by Grabby McGolfcart.

“I was in love with him. He was in love with me. I know that because he told me all the time,” McDougal said.

“He’d say ‘You’re my baby and I love you’. He showed me off to his friends.”

What a dog.

In fact, Trump — who has a history of comparing women he doesn’t like to dogs — followed her around “like a puppy dog,” to initially get her attention, McDougal spilled to the Daily Mail.

The two lovebirds met when he hounded her at a Playboy pool party. You can just picture it, can’t you?

“I was saying goodbye and he was standing next to his bodyguard Keith Schiller (who later got a major gig at the White House before being fired) and he said, ‘Keith, get her number,'” like the married dog he still is.

Trump called McDougal a few days later and they met for lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

And the rest is the kind of history that David Pecker would catch and kill for a nice fat stack of hush money.

“I’m ashamed about it now because I knew he was married but at the time it was out of sight, out of mind,” McDougal explained.

“I was a different girl then, having fun and not thinking about things too deeply.”

Just the way he likes ’em.

I’ll spare you the really gross details of them consummating the consensual coitus, because you probably want to eat again someday.

I will say the fact that McDougal claims he offered her a stack of cash after they Did the Deed seems entirely on brand for Captain Has to Pay For It.

They had the kind of whirlwind romance one usually reads about in paperbacks purchased at a Quik-E-Mart on a road trip through the Deep South.

But Trump eventually showed his true colors when McDougal dumped him for Willis, using the excuse that her mother disapproved of their affair.

“My mother didn’t like us being together, and he said, ‘What? That old hag?’ I was angry,” McDougal fumed.

“I told him that’s my mother and don’t disrespect her. I pointed out that he and my mother are the same age,” she said.


“He wasn’t happy,” McDougal continued. “He doesn’t like being rejected but he didn’t try to persuade me to come back. The phone call ended on bad terms.”

You don’t say.

The full stomach-churning details are available here, while the snarky judgment is available all over Twitter.


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