BLOWBACK: CNN advertisers get a serious warning about branding

BLOWBACK: CNN advertisers get a serious warning about branding

Platforming extremism has consequences, and one network is finding out.

Donald Trump was welcomed onto CNN — a network he and his fans have long deemed “far-left” and “fake news” — for a Town Hall event last week, where he was permitted to speak to a supportive audience, and allowed to spout lies, propaganda, and hate without much pushback.

Instead, the pushback is coming for CNN — from the viewers — and hitting where it hurts most: the wallet.

Ratings are down and advertisers are being encouraged to reconsider whether they want their products associated with Trump and a network that’s willing to prop him up despite the attempts to overthrow the U.S. Government, the sexual assault ruling, and the rest of his terrible reputation.

The Lincoln Project is asking advertisers to stop and consider this before buying commercial air time on CNN.

In a new ad, that will be aired on a geofence around CNN‘s New York headquarters, they point out just how horrid the Town Hall was — pointing to his mockery of a sexual abuse victim — and ask whether the Trump News Network is a good brand.

The ad (watch below) warns:

“If your brand is eager to back Trump’s hate, choose TNN, the Trump News Network. That’s not what they call it, but that’s what it is.”

The criticism CNN is receiving was well-earned.

Aside from cherry-picking an audience of folks who would consider voting for Trump in 2024 people who aren’t already rejecting him for the racism, anti-LGBTQ legislation, failed insurrection, and misogyny — they reportedly even forbade the audience to boo if he did manage to disgust them.

Ahead of the event, Trump posted on TruthSocial, declaring that the network “must treat MAGA, the greatest political movement in our Country’s history, with respect.”

He was calling for ‘respect’ for a movement that has carried out racist violence against protestors, a violent attack on the United States government, and even violence against law enforcement.

It’s a movement that has caused sexual assault victims, election workers, and witnesses in multiple investigations to fear for their lives.

Even the jury in Trump’s sexual assault case was warned to stay anonymous for their own safety.

What did CNN do? Rather than listen to their viewers, they listened to Trump.

They showed the demanded “respect,” and gave a platform to the leader of that movement.

Watch the ad below.