CORROBORATION: More women come forward about Trump’s sexual predation during presidency

CORROBORATION: More women come forward about Trump's sexual predation during presidency

The MAGA king continued being a filthy sexual predator during his time in the White House, according to a slate of witnesses.

They say it was an “open secret,” but the stories of three different women who have come forward to share about Donald Trump’s alleged predatory behavior describe less of a secret than a pattern of behavior that was simply allowed to continue, despite being reported to his Chiefs of Staff.

At least one of these women, Stephanie Grisham, has shared her story before, about a young staffer for whom she ran interference because of Trump’s crude and sexual behavior toward her.

Now that Trump has been found liable for sexual assault in the E. Jean Carroll case, however, the floodgates have opened.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, once Trump’s director of strategic communications, now a The View co-host, says that she also reported Trump’s abusive and predatory behavior to Mark Meadows, who she says “seemed aware of the issue.”

Meadows, she says, told her he would “handle it,” but if anyone ever attempted to stop Trump from preying on the youngest and most vulnerable women on staff, there’s no sign the efforts were successful. As the Daily Beast reported:

“Griffin says to her knowledge ‘nothing was ever done’ but that ‘I can’t say that definitively,’ and, ‘It’s a pattern. It was visible. It didn’t take a genius to see it. It was reported, I don’t know if it was handled, but this is a man who does not respect women,’ she continued. ‘It’s a man who objectified women.’”

Olivia Troye, a former staffer for then-VP Mike Pence, is also coming forward to share what she witnessed, which is similar to the testimony of the other two women.

She says that Trump carried out his sexual harassment openly, “even in meetings.”

She also corroborated Griffith’s story about a specific young staffer with whom Trump developed an obsession.

Griffith described Trump telling someone on Air Force One to retrieve the unidentified young woman and “bring her back so [they] can look at her ass.”

Troye affirmed this, and said, “That was the one they raised concerns about,” according to Newsweek.

In his deposition ahead of his rape case, Trump said that he had never sexually assaulted anyone and suggested that anyone who said otherwise was lying for gain.

It is unclear what the women currently raising the alarm about his behavior actually have to gain from their recent disclosures.