BURN: Horror novelist fries fired Fox host while Twitter rejoices

BURN: Horror novelist fries fired Fox host while Twitter rejoices

With a couple of tweets, America’s top horror novelist flattened a failed former Fox host.

Easily triggered MAGA snowflake Dan Bongino was fired from Fox only three weeks ago, and he’s also banned on YouTube.

That’s why Bingo-Bongo has plenty of time to make the case for better public education, which he did on Thursday by telling a bestselling author to “get a job” during a Twitter spat.

He really should pick up a book.

Preferably one by Stephen King, who’s made a gajillion dollars scaring the hell out of people for decades.

The prolific novelist is just as wordy on Twitter, particularly when it comes to criticizing Donald Trump and his MAGA lackeys.

This time, he didn’t need to say much. Five words did the trick.

This went on for a couple of days until Bongo finally noticed the most famous writer on Twitter.


“But he’s got a real job, not a podcast.”

Sick burn from the author of Firestarter!

Penny-unwise failed with this “comeback,” which died as instantly as Ray Browers on the train tracks in Stand By Me.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Bongino squeaked. “Millions of listeners a day on a podcast while you’re watching porn in your momma’s basement yearning for the days that people actually gave a sh*t about your dumb ass. Nice comeback dipsh*t. Get a job loser.”

I realize MAGAts aren’t much for book learnin’, but how do you not know who Stephen King is?

If you have even a passing knowledge of pop culture, you know his work.

Plus, it was just announced that a new movie from one of King’s novellas is about to be filmed by Mike Flanagan and will star Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill and Tom Hiddleston, best known as “Loki” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But tell us more about who needs to get a job, MAGA mutt.

Twitter made like Jack Torrance and took an ax to Bongino’s feed, making this his biggest epic fail since losing his mind during his GOP congressional primary bid.


Seriously, stop shutting down libraries, snowflake.

It’s hard to disagree with Stephen King’s final verdict on the Twitter beef:



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