SHOCKER: Radio legend says Trump’s deposition calls for guilty verdict

Radio shock jock legend Howard Stern doesn’t think Donald Trump has a chance with the jury in his rape case, and it’s not because of the evidence against him, the testimony of multiple women who allege he sexually assaulted them under similar circumstances, or the compelling testimony of the plaintiff.

It’s because of his own mouth.

Trump’s deposition testimony is definitely damning, from his assertions that the alleged victim “loved” being raped by him, to his affirmation that he does indeed believe that “stars” can get away with sexual assault, and that he himself is a star.

Then, of course, there’s claiming that he couldn’t have raped E. Jean Carroll because she’s “not [his] type,” yet also mistaking her for one of his former wives in a photo.

Stern, who has alienated some former fans previously with his open criticism of Trump, ripped into the former president, saying it’s this testimony that will destroy him with the jury.

He advised the “Trumpies” remaining in his listener base to watch the video of Trump’s deposition, which was recently released, reaching a new audience that may have missed it when portions of the text version were unsealed earlier this year.

He specifically addressed the segment where Trump responds to questions about the Access Hollywood hot mic recording, in which he tells Billy Bush that he tends to kiss women without waiting for consent, that stars can get away with such conduct, and can even “grab ’em by the [genitals].”

Stern slams him for responding by saying that “unfortunately or fortunately” it’s true (though “not always”) that stars can get away with sexual assault.

“He wants to be percieved as a smart guy, he f***ed up that deposition so bad!…He goes, ‘Well, unfortunately or fortunately, stars can grab people’…You don’t say ‘fortunately if someone’s being raped. Who’s it fortunate for? I guess the rapist,” Stern said.

Check out Stern’s view on Trump’s deposition below, then scroll on to watch Trump on video declaring himself a star and affirming that stars can, in his view, sexually assault women freely.

Here’s the clip Stern is talking about, in which Trump assures Carroll’s attorney that it’s “historically” true that stars “over the last million years” have gotten away with sexual assault.