SPITEFUL: Tucker Carlson threatens to spill Fox News secrets unless they void his contract

SPITEFUL: Tucker Carlson threatens to spill Fox News secrets unless they void his contract

Fox News may have dropped Tucker Carlson, but they also don’t want anyone else to pick him up.

Now Tucker’s lawyer is helping him legally bully Fox News by making not-so-veiled threats to reveal the truth about the fake news network if they won’t let him out of his contract.

As part of the terms of his deal with the network, which runs out in January 2025, Captain Swanson Frozen Foods currently can’t profit from his lying act anywhere else.

Faux News is still paying the subhuman rancid bowl of rice pudding full of stale raisins $20 million a year to not work for anyone else.

That’s the kind of “woke math” which should enrage his audience. They’d probably be big mad if they heard Don Lemon got the same kind of deal from CNN.

But because Tucker is a mediocre conservative white guy — albeit one who texted that he hated Donald Trump and couldn’t wait to be done with him — he’s still being courted and supported.

It was reported Sunday that both Newsmax and Rumble have already offered Tuckums more than what he’s being paid by Fox News to not work.

Axios revealed that Carlson and Elon Musk also had a conversation about working together, although no specifics were available.

Tucker really shouldn’t have any influence over Twitter, although one glimpse these days certainly makes it look like he already does.

Carlson is also said to be contemplating building his own lying media empire a la InfoWars or The Blaze.

Tuckums really doesn’t even need to do that. He tweeted a video two days after getting axed that suggested his audience would see him “soon.”

This thing got 24 million views.

It’s a maddening concept, mainly because it bothers me that there are millions of people who don’t mind being lied to. Also, that was on my birthday. Ew.

Tuckums “knows where a lot of bodies are buried, and is ready to start drawing a map,” threatened his lawyer, Bryan Freedman.

Yeah, they’re both super brave. Tucker hides behind his milquetoast bowtie act, and Freedman protects his tweets.

If they can do more damage to Fox News than Dominion or Smartmatic, I say have it.

But if you’re still inclined to watch Tucker lie at you on any given platform despite knowing the truth (like how much he hates Trump), I can’t help you.

The Associated Press on Twitter: "A defamation lawsuit is revealing scornful behind-the-scenes opinions by Fox News figures about Donald Trump, including a Tucker Carlson text message declaring, "I hate him passionately." https://t.co/UFAJRiXi3Z" /


Twitter’s remaining liberals tried to cut through the forced MAGA noise in their For You tabs to tell the truth about Tucker.


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