CONSEQUENCES: Jan 6th conspirators face long sentences during the finding out part

CONSEQUENCES: Jan 6th conspirators face long sentences during the finding out part

Seditious conspiracy convictions in connection with the Jan 6th insurrection have had very serious consequences this week for members of both the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys.

Specifically, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced, members of both groups were convicted of conspiring to “oppose by force the lawful transfer of presidential power” on January 6th.

After Oath Keepers co-founder Stewart Rhodes was found guilty in November — along with several other members of his “citizens militia” — DOJ prosecutors are recommending that he receive a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Prosecutors described the Oath Keepers’ actions as “terrorism,” and told the judge that a harsh sentence is “critical to deter future political violence.”

They also said that Rhodes “believes he has done nothing wrong” and “still presents a threat to American democracy and lives.”

I wonder why Rhodes feels so enabled and untouchable. But at least he won’t be alone in the stir after he’s sentenced on May 25th.

Eight other Oath Keepers defendants were convicted at separate trials where prosecutors sought prison sentences ranging from 10 to 21 years for each.

The Justice Department is specifically asking for 21 years behind bars for Kelly Meggs, the Florida chapter leader convicted of the sedition charges alongside Rhodes.

Maybe they’ll even get to play “Pretend January 6th” in the prison yard with their Proud Boy pals who got handed their own convictions on Friday!

Enrique Tarrio, aka the Stewart Rhodes of the Proud Boys, wasn’t physically in Washington, DC on January 6th, but he still got hit with the same charges as his Oath Keeper counterpart on Friday.

This is the kind of accountability Trump can get nailed for as well. He also physically never set foot in the Capitol, but we all know that he sent everyone else there.

Tarrio and his Proud Boys pals are staring down 20-year sentences as well. Members of Congress with ties to these seditious traitors should probably be worried about them flapping their mouths.

The basic receipts on Twitter are bad enough for the likes of Ted Cruz. But just imagine what else Merrick Garland might have.

Lawyer up, Ted Cruz!


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