CON: Kellyanne Conway has entered the Clarence Thomas corruption chat

CON: Kellyanne Conway has entered the Clarence Thomas corruption chat

Another rich benefactor with ties to the Federalist Society has been financially supporting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Ginni, for years and he has ties to Kellyanne Conway.

But this one also bought himself a friend inside the White House as well.

While we’re still learning about the myriad secret financial arrangements between Thomas and Texas billionaire/Bond villain wannabe Harlan “Jim” Crow (nickname: mine), meet Leonard Leo.

Leo helped Ginni Thomas get a “consulting” gig a decade ago for which she received $100,000, but Leo insisted her name be kept off of the financial paperwork.

Nothing hinky about that, I’m sure.

(Quick aside: what’s with all of these evil movie henchman names in MAGA world? Trump has a security goon named Matthew Calamari, which is just a facepalm in and of itself)

More of Leo’s potential silent-but-deadly influence on the Supreme Court was reported on Friday, this time in connection with consciously uncoupled Kellyanne Conway.

Conway’s conspiring with the conservative counselor goes back to her tenure in the Trump administration.

Leo helped facilitate the sale of Conway’s polling company in 2017 in exchange for advocating for Leo’s handpicked list of Supreme Court candidates chosen by the Federalist Society.

Conway received a reported $80,000 from Leo, also off of the books. Those pesky alternative facts just won’t save anyone here.

Did Conway act as a subhuman conduit to Donald Trump?

I’m just asking questions here, because Leo also used an unprecedented “gift” of $1.6b (YES THAT IS BILLIONS) from the Federalist Society’s coffers to help push their choices through while Trump was in office.

That money got beer-loving bully Brett Kavanaugh on the bench.

That money made sure subjugated Handmaiden Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed right before a Democrat was elected President.

Leo and Crow are literally the Proud Boy owners of the most corrupt conservative Supreme Court majority in history.

That includes Chief Justice John Roberts, whose wife, Jane, earned millions to recruit conservative lawyers in Washington.

Go ahead and add more columns to your Supreme Court Corruption Scorecard, because this absolutely won’t be the last we hear about money influencing SCOTUS.

It’s up to us to call out the SCOTUS corruption and demand the Senate investigate and impeach all of the compromised justices.


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