ABNORMAL: Billionaire benefactor paid private school tuition for Clarence Thomas’s grandnephew

ABNORMAL: Billionaire benefactor paid private school tuition for Clarence Thomas's grandnephew

The special financial relationship between Texas billionaire Harlan Crow and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas continues to yield new and damaging information.

Nazi art collector Crow paid for millions of dollars in trips and gifts for Thomas and his January 6th-plotting wife, Ginni, as well as hosting them at several of his properties.

Crow also bought real estate on behalf of Thomas, buying his mother’s home and several other houses on the same block.

Thomas never claimed any of the gifts, trips, or real estate deals he made with Crow on his annual financial disclosures.

Now, an even deeper dive into their domestic arrangements reveals Crow also footed a $6,000 monthly bill for private school tuition for Thomas’s grandnephew whom the Justice  “raised as his son.”

Clarence and Ginni Thomas took legal custody of Mark Martin at the age of six. Martin lived with them at their home in Washington, DC.

But they just didn’t want to foot the bill for Hidden Lake Academy, a private boarding school in the north Georgia foothills.

A bank statement from July 2009, which was buried in unrelated court filings, shows Crow’s company covered that month’s tuition for young Mark Martin.

But Crow’s payments extended well after that, according to Christopher Grimwood, a former administrator at the school who had access to its financial information.

Harlan “Jim” Crow paid Martin’s tuition the entire time he was a student there, which was about a year, Grimwood told ProPublica.

“Harlan picked up the tab,” said Grimwood, who got to know Crow and the Thomases during that time.

Grimwood was also invited to spend time at one of Crow’s compounds in the Adirondacks, where he learned that the wizened old wannabe dictator also paid the bills for Martin’s second boarding school, Randolph-Macon Academy in Virginia.

“Harlan said he was paying for the tuition at Randolph-Macon Academy as well,” Grimwood said, recalling a conversation he had with Crow during one visit.

The exact total Crow paid for Martin’s boarding school tuition over the years remains unclear. It’s estimated that the price tag could have exceeded $150,000, which Thomas never disclosed.

However, several years earlier, Thomas disclosed a gift of $5,000 for Martin’s education from another friend.

Why he reported that payment but not Crow’s remains a mystery, but not really.

Influence over Supreme Court decisions, yo!

It seems several other Republicans might also be owned by Crow, starting with Ted “Trump’s permanent toilet/bidet” Cruz.

Twitter continued to demand a Senate investigation and impeachment amid calls for an expanded Court.


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