WAILING: Not presidential candidate shares bizarre “DeSantis story” nobody will believe

WAILING: Not presidential candidate shares bizarre “DeSantis story” nobody will believe

Florida’s Republican Governor continued his not running for President official tour of the world with a bizarre “DeSantis story” from the most sacred place in Judaism after competing in a GOP mega-donor primary in Israel.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) continued his inexplicable trip through Israel on Friday and while speaking at the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, he recalled a typically odd “DeSantis story” regarding a separate 2019 trip to the Western Wall, where – like others, he prayed.

On Friday, DeSantis claimed, in front of real people, that he prayed that Cat-5 Hurricane Dorian spare Florida, and it did! As Dorian headed straight for Florida it changed course.

DeSantis knows the secret.

A crowd of sentient people heard an American governor claim, In the video below, DeSantis says, “The storm was headed our way, it slowed down, it turned all the way, 90 degrees, (that’s a quarter of the way), and went north and never impacted our coast.

“I’m chalking it up to the prayer I put in the Western Wall. People can offer whatever rationale they want,”

Bahamians might offer up “prevailing winds and high pressure,” because many experienced hell on Earth.

If DeSantis is to be believed, he steered the murderous storm straight into the Bahamian island of Abaco where it killed 71 or more with 281 still missing, and not a thing left standing.

Beautiful prayer, Governor.

Making things worse, Dorian then headed north where it weakened and yet managed to deliver a serious blow to the outer banks of North Carolina.

Of course, neither the Bahamian president nor the North Carolinian governor happened to find themselves at the Western Wall praying. Almost surely, Rightly, they were surely among their people, preparing for the disaster.

DeSantis was halfway around the globe, smartly preventing a disaster.

Speaking of disasters, where was Gov. DeSantis on September 26th, last year? Two days prior to landfall it was clear that Hurricane Ian would hit Florida’s western panhandle as a Cat-5 or Cat-4.

Why wouldn’t he charter a jet to the Western Wall and fling Ian right at my house on the Alabama coast and destroy us?

Gov. DeSantis plays a stupid person on television and social media. But the Yale and Harvard graduate is not stupid.

But he knows that sounding sophisticated is the death knell in MAGA politics, better to brag that he successfully prayed.

So is this “planned stupidity” gone wild? Or does his intelligent mind have a blindspot, leaving him oblivious when he sounds too stupid and viciously uncaring?

Evidently, prayer “works.”

So, in the name of all that’s holy, is it too much to ask that DeSantis reserve his stupidest lies for U.S. soil, where people get it, and some like it?

It is probably only fair. His prayers do international damage. Why not his idiocy?

*Hat tip to Rolling Stone for original reporting.


Jason Miciak

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