FOXTROT: Leading propaganda spreaders fear for their jobs in Murdoch purge

FOXTROT: Leading propaganda spreaders fear for their jobs in Murdoch purge

The Murdoch family’s lie factory is shedding propaganda spreaders at an alarming rate and the roster of shills is spilling tea about it.

In any company with a significant number of people, most employees know that they can be replaced no matter how irreplaceable they believe themselves to be and the perfect cautionary tale is the upheaval at Fox News over the years, and – in particular, right now.

A dark fog descended down and throughout the network after the Dominion Settlement and Tucker Carlson’s termination, leaving employees unable to see their future, or whether other employees have a box of matches to help get people fired.

Of course, Fox terminated Tucker Carlson, in part, because he created a toxic work environment through disgusting misogyny, using perhaps the second-most disgusting word in the English language, a reference to women that starts with a “C,” while also unleashing anger over Tucker’s conspiracy theory reporting.

Additionally, reports note that Fox management kept an “oppo file” against Carlson for use if he sues or slams the network in the aftermath of the termination.

But opposition files only work if they’re kept TOP-SECRET in a SCIF.

Employee and staff fear is rooted in Fox’s obsession with leaks, perhaps leaks about what might be in the oppo file.

Management regularly confronts employees about whether they recently leaked anything to the media, or even more insidiously, management confronts some employees about whether they believe someone on their team is talking.

If a person knew that he or she was the source of a leak but wanted to keep their job, it wouldn’t be the first time an employee falsely accused someone else.


Employees and staff have been proactive in heading off any suspicion.

To confuse someone who may suspect leaks to the media, some Fox staff switched out reporters’ names on their phones.

Their phone no longer shows a call coming in from “Rachel Maddow,” the name on the phone now reads “Mad Dog Rachet” (silly example), all to evade detection if a call is received while in the presence of management or management “spies.”

Yes, management has recruited some employees, evidently assumed to be loyal, to sniff around the activities of others and “report in.” Literally spying.

Healthy work environment.

And yet the leaks keep sprouting anyway which is how the media has knowledge of the basis for Tucker’s termination and the existence of the oppo file. Perhaps the unhealthy work environment is counterproductive.

And then there are the hosts who fear for their jobs.

Proximity and loyalty to ex-President Donald Trump aren’t helpful. Thus, it follows that Maria Bartiromo, and Jeanine Pirro, fear they may be next.

Both are long-term Trump allies to put it mildly, which may be the problem, and both have told friends they feel the fear, knowing they may be next.

There is an old saying that Fox employees seem to concretely grasp:

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.”

Hat tip to Rolling Stone with the original report:



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