INTOLERANT: DeSantis screams at reporter during presser in Israel

INTOLERANT: DeSantis screams at reporter during presser in Israel

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on a global tour to increase his foreign policy profile as he teases a potential mid-May launch for his 2024 run.

DeathSantis’s death march included stops in Japan and South Korea before heading to Israel to court the Republican Jewish vote while he’s stumbling constantly here at home.

In Jerusalem, Reichstag Ron unironically signed new anti-hate crime legislation for his state, which had the 4th-highest number of antisemitic incidents last year, according to the ADL.

Ron “I’m not Don”  also met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog before attending a dinner at the Museum of Tolerance on Wednesday.

The dinner was hosted by Larry Mizel, a Denver philanthropist who was the finance chairman for the 2016 Trump campaign in Colorado.

Reichstag Ron dined with Donald Trump’s biggest financial backer, Miriam Adelson, as well as other major GOP donors.

During a speech at the Museum, DeathSantis tried to claim the Trump administration’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem as his own idea.

DeathSantis said he worked to “cajole” Trump to make the move, which is unlikely.

But it was during a press conference at the Museum where the Netan-yahoo showed his true lack of tolerance for others.

An Israeli reporter asking about his time at Guantanamo said DeSantis “attended the force-feeding” of Al Qaeda captives while on site as a legal advisor.

DeSantis then delivered an emotional and compelling response that showed his compassion for the detainees.

JUST KIDDING, he exploded MAGA-ly.

“No, no, all that’s B.S. Totally. Totally BS,” DeSantis said. “Who said that?”

Um…the prisoners he force-fed, for starters.

In March, the London Independent reported that a former prisoner, Mansoor Adayfi, claimed DeSantis “observed his brutal force-feeding by guards during a hunger strike in 2006 — a practice the United Nations characterized as torture.”

The Florida Fascist went on the defense, sputtering a whole bunch of hot garbage as an explanation.

“Do you honestly believe that’s credible?” Ron raged. “So this is 2006, I’m a junior officer. Do you honestly think that they would have remembered me from Adam?”

Um…yeah, they would. Because people who are physically brutalized never forget who hurt them and why:

Adayfi told his story to Al Jazeera earlier this year, proving he did indeed remember DeSantis even after nearly two decades.

“I was on Twitter and saw a photo of a handsome man in a white navy uniform. It was Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida,” said Adayfi.

But Ron has no basic human feelings, so he didn’t even wait for a reply.

“Of course not. They’re just trying to get into the news, because they know people like you will consume it, because it fits the pre-ordained narrative that you’re trying to spin.”

Um…that was just the truth, Trumpbutt. You’re the one spinning this shit.

This is a proper MAGA meltdown, my mishpocha.

Tell me you’re guilty AF without telling me, Governor Gitmo.

Before he left Israel, Reichstag Ron met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who’s basically Trump with an accent.

“He’s a friend of Israel,” Netanyahu said in an interview shortly after the meeting. “We talked about Iran. We talked about Israel-U.S. relations.”


Puddin’ Fingers will wrap up his global hate campaign in the United Kingdom, but Twitter users would prefer he not come back at all.



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