FIGHT OR FLIGHT: Boebert’s ‘bold’ badge of ‘patriotic’ honor is a crash course in MAGA idiocy

FIGHT OR FLIGHT: Boebert's 'bold' badge of 'patriotic' honor is a crash course in MAGA idiocy

Nothing is more “MAGA” than a leader terrifying his or her supporters by setting forth a sure-to-come dystopian America and then challenging the same gathered “patriots” to a bold fight for the nation’s future, sometimes literally.

But as she often does, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) took it up to an altitude few found achievable on Wednesday in a speech deep in the heart of Texas, during which she challenged her audience to ensure their children a blessed American future by doing what’s right even if it means being thrown off a flight.

Interestingly, until perhaps six years ago, such an occurrence would likely represent a low point in one’s life, a cause for recalibration, often with the help of a probation officer.

Now it’s patriotic.

In her speech, Boebert promised that she will do what’s right, even if it meant “losing an election, having a principal mad at me, or the county commissioners getting upset with me, or if the flight attendant kicks me off a plane, I will do what’s right and answer the call.


Gun-toting Lauren Boebert is a 21st Century Rosa Parks. There is a small juxtaposition:

Rosa Parks did what was right because she deserved a spot on that bus.

Boebert promises to do what she believes is right even if a sane person throws her off the flying bus.

It’s probably best if her staff reserves exit-row seats.

Of course, by necessity, the assumption is that Boebert’s judgment is unquestionable, the same as any patriot. Dubious. Doubtful. Diabolical?

This is the type of fight America needs, she says,  otherwise, “Our children and our children’s children will not benefit the blessing of America.” (Report continues below):


An example of such a blessing would be English classes available to all in public schools, even through high school.

Of course, it’s honorable to be willing to do the “right thing.”

But if doing the right thing means upsetting a majority of voters, principals, county commissioners, and flight attendants, there is a good possibility that one has misjudged what is “right.”

A very good chance when it’s Boebert in opposition.

Lincoln was willing to do what was right even if it meant losing half the nation and over 500,000 dead. Lincoln believed it self-evident he was right. It was. That’s bold.

Boebert will do what she believes is right even if it means infuriating a tube of passengers just trying to get to El Paso., @JasonMiciak, SUBSTACK: THE FORGOTTEN TRIAL, IS AMERICA READY IF TRUMP IS FOUND LIABLE FOR RAPE?

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