QUACKERY: Florida’s “Surgeon General” altered key info in COVID vaccine study

QUACKERY: Florida's "Surgeon General" altered key info in COVID vaccine study

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, who was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis, personally altered a state-driven study about COVID-19 vaccines last year.

Ladapo was already a well-known COVID skeptic when he got the gig, because Florida.

DeathSantis’s dubious doctor reportedly changed the info to suggest that “some doses pose a significantly higher health risk for young men” than had actually been established by real medical experts.

Joseph Stalinpo also deliberately altered the data to show that COVID-19 vaccines increased the risks of cardiac death in young men.

And then he appeared on all of the anti-vaccine, QAnon-supporting, white nationalist MAGA shows on OANN and Newsmax to spread his propaganda.

Because Florida.

According to documents released as part of a public records request, “Dr.” Gestapo Ladapo later altered a final document to back his claims that young men would be the most at risk from the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

As provided by the Florida Department of Health, “Dr. L’s Edits,” as the document is titled, reveal that the hack quack replaced language to say that men between 18 and 39 years old are at high risk of “heart illness from two COVID vaccines that use mRNA technology.”

Why only young men in their prime fertile years?

Because Florida, you’d think they’d want to keep all their young (and extra especially white) men alive to ensure their “New Baby Boom” is a success.

Nothing like spreading extra fear along with your propaganda to kill off your constituents even faster, Florida Men! What a weird voting strategy.

Ladapo issued a press statement that really didn’t do anything to help him seem less Qrazy.

“To say that I ‘removed an analysis’ for a particular outcome is an implicit denial of the fact that the public has been the recipient of biased data and interpretations since the beginning of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine campaign,” Ladapo lied. “I have never been afraid of disagreement with peers or media.”

He also said that he “determined the study was worthwhile” since “the federal government and Big Pharma continue to misrepresent risks associated with these vaccines.”

Ladapo isn’t qualified to determine anything to do with reality or science, and it’s way past the time anti-vaxxers were silenced.

You know, instead of being able to run as a Democrat against Joe Biden or kill off as much of the population as they can.

The court of public opinion is calling for legal consequences for both Ladapo and DeathSantis.

But it’ll probably never happen, because Florida.


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