INFIGHTING: Far-right blowhards battle over extortion allegations

INFIGHTING: Far-right blowhards battle over extortion allegations

Far-right blowhards Steven Crowder and Candace Owens, despite having predominantly the same political agenda, have not been getting along for a while.

Now they’re duking it out in the public arena, with him lobbing allegations of illegal activity, and her coming back with the charge that he’s using his kids as a shield.

In short, Crowder says he’s getting a divorce. He makes it very clear that he doesn’t believe in divorce, and hints that he’s not exactly happy that Texas law allows his wife to obtain one anyway, and that his mistake was in choosing the wrong person, but he has a more pressing concern than this.

He says he’s been trying to keep the matter private for his kids’ sake, and that most people who have known he’s being divorced have respected his wishes, but others have held it over his head, even to a degree he suggests is extortion.

As an example, he drops a clip of Owens, saying that instead of attacking Crowder, people should pray for him, and saying she’ll tell more of what’s going on with him if she comes to the conclusion at some future point that it’s called for.

He says that for Owens and unnamed others to share this information publicly, would have endangered his kids, and warns that if anyone tries to create drama or attack him or his ex, he will “no longer pacify, capitulate, or sidestep.”

You’ll see the clip below, but let’s check out Owens’ response.

She suggests Crowder is twisting the narrative — the clip he shared of her came among a series of disagreements between him and The Daily Wire, following an apparent wage dispute in which he complained about a $50 million job offer.

“This is not stable behavior. He is a man on a spiral,” she says, adding, “If you are going to use your children as human shields to block people from digging further into your divorce, please do so without inserting me into the narrative.”

Moreover, she has changed her mind about him since the point when she was saying he was just going through hard things — now she says he’s “a bad person who continues to burn a lot of people.”

One thing that both are saying is definitely true: this dispute, whatever the truth about its content, goes back a while.

After you check out the video below, keep scrolling to see three more clips delineating the pay dispute.

Here’s Crowder’s latest salvo against Owens.

Her response:

[Screenshot via Candace Owens/Twitter]
Here’s January’s gripe about a “big con” regarding contracts from an unnamed company “in bed with Big Tech.”

The Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro responds, saying that it’s “rather nasty” of Crowder to attack, and offering more details on the negotiations for his contract.

Owens goes further, saying that calling the network out was a “b*tch move” on Crowder’s part, and that he should have sought resolution instead of going public.