ENDANGERED: Musk’s own transgender child is no longer safe on his lawless Twitter

ENDANGERED: Musk's own transgender child is no longer safe on his lawless Twitter

Twitter quietly removed its policy against the “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals” on Monday, making the once trustworthy platform even less safe for the trans community.

Its policy against deadnaming, which is the use of a transgender person’s name before they transitioned, was first enacted in 2018.

The same rule also applied to anyone purposefully using the wrong gender for someone as a form of harassment.

Elon Musk’s unpretty hate machine continued its attempts to make everything about it meaningless on Monday by removing even more protections.

Twitter will now only put warning labels on some tweets that are “potentially” in violation of its rules against hateful conduct. Previously, those tweets were removed.

Considering there’s a Twitter Blue user who paid $8 for an “@” that has the N-word in it and faced zero repercussions, it’s anyone’s guess as to what they’ll deem “hateful” now.



Bonus: it’s a great way for Elon to get back at his own transgender daughter for going no contact with him after her 18th birthday when he refused to accept her transition.

Yes, Musk is that much of a petty mf. And he has 9 other kids by various baby mamas (and EW, ladies!) who’ll probably end up never speaking to him someday too.

At the time, Musk blamed the “neo-Marxists” at the schools his daughter attended before she came out as transgender.

Musk probably can’t even define Marxism, because social classes have nothing to do with someone’s innate gender identity.

Meanwhile, you’ve probably noticed that the Republican Party has decided to scapegoat the entire transgender community as human distractions from Donald Trump’s legal problems.

What is it with these unqualified white overprivileged billionaires with both Mommy AND Daddy issues who get to run AND ruin things that were fine before they came along?

It’s not our fault your parents loved their money more than their own kids, Elon “Might As Well Call Me Donald Trump” Musk.

Sadly, knowledge isn’t power when it comes to the King of the Internet Dipshits.

When Elon doesn’t understand something, he lashes out in the most immature ways.

Elon bought Twitter on a dare with the full intent of destroying everything that made it the most essential social media platform on the planet.

Imagine a 3rd grade remedial shop class in the worst elementary school in the poorest district in America.

That’s the pack mentality of Elon and his NFT-loving Tesla fanbois who’d rather pull internet pranks so that no one can have nice things.

Don’t like a story on NPR? Slap them with a “State-Allied media label.”

Don’t like anyone calling you out on your losering? Ban them.

Was someone banned from Twitter for being terrible? Bring them back!

Musk has an innate need to chase MAGA clout with clickbait red meat to feed the same smooth brain trust who can’t cope with someone losing an election.

And yet, we’re all the unwitting victims of their lifelong revenge hatefucks against the world.

Supporters of the trans community were speaking out on Wednesday while Twitter was still somehow online.




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