RESISTANCE: Jewish protestors storm the stage at DeSantis event

RESISTANCE: Jewish protestors storm the stage at DeSantis event

Two protestors interrupted a speech Friday given by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a fundraiser for New Hampshire’s Republican Party.

New Hampshire is one of the few states where DeathSantis is polling ahead of Donny 34 Indictments, so . . .

The two tenacious young women were both Jewish and took the stage together holding a banner. They made it all the way to the podium where a clearly startled DeSantis was speaking before security was able to reach them.

“Jews Against DeSantis!” my two newest Sheroes yelled. “Jews Against DeSantis!”

Since Ron DeSantis has no spine and is terrified of both Jews and women, he just stood there being his usual ineffective self.

After security removed the two women, DeSantis resumed his speech by dismissing them as the subhumans he barely sees them as.

“Got to have a little spice in the speech, right?” Reichstag Ron weakly quipped, because Republicans with a death jones aren’t funny. “You have to have a little fun.”

The Florida Man’s version of “fun” seems to be taking away all basic human rights and agency from all of his non-white, non-Christian, non-male constituents.

He then made a not-very-veiled “But Jews are so greedy!” comment by wondering aloud why the two women would pay the admission price–$150 per ticket–just to protest him.

“Different strokes for different folks!” DeathSantis said, because he hates all folks who are different from him!

This is the same antisemitic a-hole who said absolutely nothing last year when Nazis openly demonstrated near Orlando.

Reichstag Ron accused his political opponents of trying to “smear me as if I had something to do with it.”

Maybe Jackboots McFlorida wasn’t marching with them, but he might as well have been because he does absolutely nothing to protect Jewish, female, LGBTQ+, or any Florida constituents of color.

Reichstag Ron might roll like he’s a friend of the Tribe, but he’s just another Netan-yahoo who couldn’t care any less about Israel, even if The Jerusalem Post has a circumcised micro-boner for him.

The Florida Fascist was also being protested 3000 miles away at this weekend’s Coachella Music Festival in California.

Indie darling supergroup boygenius called out DeSantis and his fellow transphobic MAGA lawmakers from the stage during their set.

“Trans lives matter, trans kids matter. We’re gonna fight it and we’re gonna win,” Lucy Dacus said.

Bandmate Phoebe Bridgers chimed in: “And abortion rocks, and fuck Ron DeSantis.”

And this Jewish American woman fully agrees, Reichstag Ron.


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