PERFORMANCE: House GOP takes the Trump Circus on the road to NYC

PERFORMANCE: House GOP takes the Trump Circus on the road to NYC

Congress has no jurisdiction over the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, and its members are well aware of this.

But ever since Donald Trump was charged with 34 felony counts, the MAGA Players in the House have misused their razor-thin majority to attempt to scapegoat DA Alvin Bragg.

Aside from receiving death threats, Bragg (who is Black) has seen his office bombarded with phone calls and suspicious letters from MAGAts who just won’t hold Trump accountable no matter what.

Qrazy MAGA Moron Marjorie Taylor Greene certainly found out what happens when out-of-town Trumpers try it in New York City.

New Yorkers weren’t happy with jacketless Jim Jordan, neither.

But that didn’t stop the MAGA Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee from taking their performative politics to the city that never sleeps on the worst people showing up to tell anyone there how to run things.

Led by traitorous rape-enabling trunk monkey Rep. Jim “Gym” Jordan, the MAGA faction held a “field hearing” on Monday near Bragg’s offices to “examine” the DA’s “pro-crime, anti-victim” policies.

Snowflakes falling in New York in April! Climate change is real and caused by Republicans!

Sure, blame New York for Donald Trump being a traitorous grifting criminal liar, Gym, that blackmail isn’t going to go away by itself!

Gym says that the Big Apple has “lost its way when it comes to fighting crime and upholding the law,” he whined with his flapping wet mouth.

“Here in Manhattan, the scales of justice are weighed down by politics,” Jordan jabbered. “For the district attorney justice isn’t blind — it’s about advancing opportunities to promote a political agenda — a radical political agenda.”

Yeah, it’s a “radical political agenda” to charge someone who committed THIRTY-FOUR FELONIES, Gymbo.

That George Clooney docu-series can’t come out soon enough, please.

House Judiciary Democrats weren’t having any of the performative politics from their compromised colleagues.

New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, the committee’s ranking Democrat, said that Jordan “engages in a lot of political theater in Washington, but he should know better than to take his tired act to Broadway.”

Somewhere, Ben Brantley is sipping some very hot tea.

Nadler continued: “New Yorkers see through this transparent attempt to defend Donald Trump at all costs while ignoring the real public safety needs of our community.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called it “a circus.”

New York Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat and former police captain, called the hearing an “in-kind donation” to the Trump campaign in an accurately sick burn.

Have fun taking your toys and going back home to Washington without any fun souvenirs, dumbasses! Twitter is sending you packing.



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